Novel Ideas

2050.01-RSJTJ Journey to Jo'burg (by Beverley Naidoo) Teacher Materials (2022 Edition)

Readability Level

Grade 5.0

Interest Level

Grades 4-8

Standards Level

Grades 5-7

Teacher Materials include:

  • Teacher’s Presentation Book
    • Scripted lessons
  • Blackline Masters Envelope
  • 1 copy of Student Workbook

The teacher and each student will need a copy of the novel being studied and a student workbook.

Often there are different versions of the novels available. This may affect the page numbers of where the discussion questions are asked during the guided story reading. All novel studies in Reading For Success are written to accompany unabridged versions of the novels. If the page numbers of the version that your school has chosen differs, you will need to change the page numbers in the Teacher Presentation Book to match your version. This will not affect your ability to successfully complete the novel study with your students. The lesson numbers, workbook pages, and blackline masters will not be affected. They will still match any unabridged version of the novel.

The ISBN number that correlates with the page numbering in this novel study is: 0-064-40237-8. 

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