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4. Reader's Club


Reader’s Club
Authors: Terry Dodds and Maureen Chislett

Reader’s Club is a highly motivating supplemental reading program designed for students placed in Reading Mastery I or Fast-Cycle I. (Rainbow, Class, and Plus editions). Each lesson in Reader’s Club has been specifically correlated to follow the sequence of Reading Mastery I.

Reader’s Club is an excellent way to establish communication with parents and include them as meaningful partners in the education of their children. The Games or Story Books may be sent home as components of a home support program, or used as a classroom intervention program. A sample letter provided as a blackline master outlines a simple routine for teachers, parents, and students to follow.

Program Components

  • Teacher’s Instructions for Reader’s Club
  • Blackline Masters for Games and Game Cards 
    (correlated to Lessons 1-80 in Reading Mastery I)
  • Teacher’s Presentation Book
    (correlated to Lessons 81-160 in Reading Mastery I)
  • Classroom set of 40 different story books
    (additional sets of storybooks may be purchased separately)
  • Blackline Masters of the 40 different storybooks (optional)