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Reader's Club


Reader’s Club
Authors: Terry Dodds and Dawn Dodds

Reader’s Club is a highly motivating reading program designed for students who are beginning readers is available as a downloadable for I-Pads or other tablets. It is available in two parts covering the first year of reading instruction. It also may be used as a classroom intervention program or as supplemental practice to the classroom reading program. Reader’s Club is designed to be used by classroom teachers or by parents who are working with their child at home. This program is an excellent way to establish communication with parents and include them as meaningful partners in the education of their children.

A scripted, easy to follow lesson routine is provided that can be used with all 20 storybooks that are in each level (a total of 40 storybooks). Games are provided that can be used to reinforce and practice reading skills that have been introduced.

The storybooks found in this program are phonics-based controlled readers. Sounds and words are taught in a carefully constructed sequence so students are familiar with most of the sounds in the words.

Program Components



Teaching the Lesson:

  • Instructional Sequence Chart
  • Getting Ready to Read
  • Illustrated Storybooks for Students
  • Let’s Talk about the Story

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