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Readers & Writers: Becoming Authors Through Genre Studies

Readers & Writers: Becoming Authors Through Genre Studies is a program for students in grades 4-8 that forms a bridge between reading and writing, offering students meaningful context in which to apply their language arts skills. Students who participate in genre studies become critical readers who learn to determine for themselves the literary value of books. They also become competent writers within a genre. Through the writing process, and within a culminating activity for each genre study, students learn writing skills in a meaningful context that is related to their interests and to real life. Like published authors, students will enjoy the challenge, fulfillment, and excitement of seeing their writing in print.

Each genre study takes approximately four weeks to complete when used daily during language arts, reading, English, creative writing, or art instructional times. As a flexible program, Readers & Writers offers step-by-step procedures for leading an entire class through the study of each genre, one genre at a time, but also lends itself to use with several small groups within a classroom, or for individual study. The design of this program also allows you to provide differentiation within your classroom. By using this program, teachers establish a well-defined routine of reading and writing lessons that have a consistent structure.

Program Components for Readers & Writers:

For each module--Biography, Mysteries, Realistic Animal Stories, Science Fiction, and Sports Stories:

  • Teacher's Guide with lessons and Class Record Chart
  • A Blackline masters packet which inclues a reproducible student booklet