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Proven Results


Our goal is to provide you with research-based Direct Instruction/Explicit Instruction materials in reading and basic language skills, written expression, and math facts, thus allowing you to invest your time, energy, and creativity in interacting with your students.

There's no need for you to spend countless hours researching and preparing instructional and testing materials that will meet the requirements of your students as well as the standards of your state.

Foundations for the Future

For close to twenty years Terry Dodds, Fay Goodfellow, and their associates at Novel Ideas, Inc. have been writing, publishing, and offering in-service training to schools and school districts who want to improve the quality of their instruction and increase the performance of their students. We believe that all students can learn when taught appropriately, and that properly taught students have the foundations for future academic success. Well-educated students, regardless of their socio-economic background are the “Foundations for the Future” of society as a whole.

Terry has worked with students and schools in 45 states, four provinces, and two territories to assist them in reaching their goal of delivering effective instruction to all students. She continues to consult in schools and to present at conferences. In the past three years, she has presented at the International Reading Association, Council for Exceptional Children, and National Charter School Conferences.

After over 20 years of working with the Novel Ideas team on a wide range of projects, it is a pleasure to announce that Dawn Dodds, PhD, (University of Cambridge) has taken on the official role of Vice President of Novel Ideas, Inc.

Dawn’s wide range of experience in education includes teaching students from early childhood through post-secondary. Outside the classroom, she has worked extensively in curriculum development as well as administration and management.

Over the last decade, Dawn acted as Managing Director for a multi-lingual international language school and then for a not-for-profit specialized in supporting young adults with autism spectrum disorders. From this experience, she brings new expertise in diversity and effective social integration.